Understanding Offsite SEO

Offsite SEO is everything that occurs off of your page that impacts your Google ranking. This provides credibility to Google, that proves how worthy you are to rank on their Search Engine. This is comprised from other people, pages and sites, backing up your site as a credible link.

Inbound Links Verse Outbound Links

Since a back link is an inbound link, it is trusted more than an outbound link. A website creator could produce outbound links all day long. You can paste any URL on your website and publish content. However, obtaining relevant back links, which are inbound links pointing to your domain builds high credibility with Google.

Offsite SEO ranking Factors

  • Quantity of links
  • Quality of links
  • Topics and content on links
  • Uniqueness
  • Traffic and Popularity


The general rule is the more back links the better (of course, as long as they are credible and effective). A high amount of back links that point to your domain proves to Google that other sites and other content pages are leading to your Domain.


High Quality back links are also very important. Having websites that are already well established and high in Google’s ranking will prove to Google that a high ranking website also trusts you, and believes your content is relevant.


The topics and content on your links will provide Googles bots with an idea about the theme on your pages. Your design and good quality information will allow Google to see that you are a real person providing relevant content.

Be Unique

Uniqueness is critical! Google is looking to index pages that provide fresh information that is different than what it currently has. As a search Engine, Google is looking for creative new information to provide to its users. The search bots do not want duplicate information, since it would be irrelevant. Keeping fresh, new, and engaging information will help your page.

Drive Traffic

Traffic and Popularity proves a website is relevant, engaging, and worth its ranking position. Natural engagement shows a website is popular and it shows users trust and obtain relevant information from a site. Google can tell the difference between real viewers, and spam so it is important to have organic and natural back links, pages, and viewers.

Back links from sites that have a nice blend of all of these attributes, will help increase your Google ranking!

There are Three Types of Links

  • Natural
  • Manual
  • Self-Created

Natural links are formed when someone genuinely references and posts your URL without your influence. These are the best links possible, because you did not even ask for them, but other website owners naturally posted your link. However, in order for this to occur you must have relevant and important content that people want to share and engage with.

Manual Links are formed from link-building activities. This consists of manually reaching out to other sites, bloggers, and content creators and asking them to link to your site to build up your credibility. This could also include asking customers to link or share your content and data.

Self-Created links can be effective, but can also be frowned-upon since it can be linked with black-hat practices. Black-hat practices are techniques that target search engines, instead of targeting consumers and human audiences, which is generally seen as wrong and aggressive. Self-created links are common with links to directories, blog comment forums, or a press release while optimizing anchor text. Optimizing anchor text, which is the visible text in a hyperlink, can significantly increase your Google ranking.

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