RTB~ Real Time bidding

An overview of Real Time Bidding Steps

  • Step 1: A person in charge of the page sets up the ad impression for auction, and waits for a click.
  • Step 2: Someone must click on the webpage.
  • Step 3: In the ad marketplace there is a quick auction held. ThisĀ  decides which competing advertiser won the bid for the impression.
  • Step 4: The advertiser that placed the highest bid amongst the other competitors won the right to display their ad.
  • Step 5: Their Advertisement is displayed to their potential customer.
  • Step 6: Hopefully, the customer clicks on the ad, which will then guide the viewer through the steps the advertiser was hoping for. Sometimes it takes them a a coupon, a website, or a sale.

Optimistically the advertiser was able to convert the click into a sale.

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