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Google allows for 2 different types of advertisements – Search and Display. Search ads are the ones that appear when users are searching on Google. They usually appear above and below the organic search results. Display ads are the ads that appear through a variety of networked sites all across the internet that partnered with Google to show ads.

If you can’t decide which on to use, there is an option to use both Search and display ads through Google.

Did you know that Display Network Sites reach over 90% of internet users Worldwide !

According to Google

Cool Features to utilize on Display

Responsive Display Ads: These ads will respond to the page and mix with the font and feel to blend into the page. Simply enter the ad text, images, and log, and Google will adjust accordingly to improve performance.

Remarketing: This is a function that allows you to Remarket to people who previously interacted with your business. This will increase the likelihood of them purchasing/converting on your site.

Targeting: You can specifically place your ads into certain contexts, locations, and audiences.

 Managed placements: Utilize to place or exclude your ad on specific sites, mobile apps, or videos.

Display Bidding Strategies

  • Enhanced CPC (Cost-Per-Click) is a smart bidding strategy that focuses on maximizing conversions, but automatically adjusting the manual CPC bid when you are more,or less likely to lead to a sale.
  • Target CPA (cost-per-acquisition) is a smart bidding strategy that targets cost-per-acquisition, to focus on increasing conversions. This option is available for single campaigns, or for multiple campaigns.
  • Target ROAS (return on ad spend) is a smart bidding strategy that focuses on return-on-ad spend, while being geared towards increasing conversion value.
  • Viewable CPM (cost-per-thousand impressions) solely focuses on impressions. The ad counts as an impression when it is “viewable”. Viewable in a sense that more than 50% of the ad showed on the screen for one second or longer.
  • Maximize clicks will place the focus on obtaining clicks. It will set your bids to get as many clicks as possible within your allotted budget.
  • Cost-per-engagement will influence the bid then a user interacts with the bid, like hovering, clicking, or tapping on it.
  • Manual CPC bidding- this is the original do-it-yourself option. You can set the maximum cost-per-click for your ads.

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